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Saturday, February 24, 2018

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We are all a product of our life experiences and as we look at our bodies, they are an insight into where we are today. For if you review photographs of yourself from the past, you will immediately notice that things change and nothing stays the same.

It is not our experiences that manifest who we are; but our attitudes in how we have dealt with these things that have been presented to us. Our challenges are a gift, that give us an opportunity to test how far we have come, review what we have let go of, and identify the residue that currently resides within.

We are constantly changing, responding to events both internally and externally - our thoughts can create changes in the body and our body image can create our thoughts about ourself. Are your thoughts and beliefs serving you or are you a slave constantly reacting to an overactive mind.

If you would like to make real changes to your life, on every level including mind, body and spirit - then you have arrived.

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