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Saturday, February 24, 2018

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where you are meant to be.


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If you believe that you are able to do the

actions required to get some result

then you will

and if not,

then you will be your greatest obstacle












Course Dates::
Saturday November 17th 2012


9am - 7pm












Level 1  6 Days Increase Self Awareness
Saturday  November 17th   Orientation to Psychosomatic Therapy
Sunday November 18th  The Art of Reading Faces
Saturday November 24th Body Mind Analysis
Sunday November 25th  Body Mind Analysis - Day 2 
Monday   November 26th

The Joints, Feet and Limbs

Tuesday November 27th The Language of the Hands
Level 2  4 Days Certified Practicioner
Thursday December 6th  Emotional Anatomy
Friday December 7th  Emotional Anatomy - Day 2 
Saturday December 8th   Cert III Prac Training & Procedures
Sunday December 9th  Cert III Prac Training & Procedures - Day 2




Course Location:   





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