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Saturday, February 24, 2018

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 Inspiring Self




Some days we are able to leap out of bed, ready


to expect all the good things that will be presented to us.


Some days its a struggle just to get out of bed and


face all the challenges ahead of us.


How are you choosing to get out of bed today?







I first heard of this in my teens, Looking back - Im not really sure I really understood the messages contained within, now I start every day reading this - Reminding myself that every day is a new moment, every person is doing the best that they can, with the resources and information that they have at this time.


Hindsight is a wonderful gift ...



Two Wolves


When I arrived in Australia in 2004, I had the honour to work with Louise Hermann - she is someone who inspires and uplifts and walks her talk more than anyone I have ever met. She shared this story with me one day, and I think of it often, as in those challenging times, sometime we forget that we have a choice.


We always have a choice ...



Woman In The Glass


In February 2012, I joined a She Says event called "Whose Your Momma" where mothers were invited to share some inspiring life lessons. One lady shared the most heartfelt story of her life and her achievements in the most humbling way. She had 100% attention of the audience, and she finished with this poem. Immediately for me - this summed up exactly what Psychosomatics and in fact life is all about - and I have never looked back.


Acknowledge Self and above all Love Self ...




Finding Your Spirit? 


Where are you looking for answers?


How many self development courses do you need to study?


Before you do another course - review the notes, complete the exercises and know that you have all the answers you need


 ... within you ...




The Power of Love (Living in a concentration camp)


Feeling frustrated and angry I went searching on the internet for inspriation and in this moment, right now, I have been reminded of the incredible power of love






Recently met Brene Brown at Wired for Wonder and asked her a question about revenge and shame and what she would recommed to achieve forgivess regarding a powerfully negative situation - she told me to google Desmond Tutu and forgiveness 




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