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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

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PSCHO1A Orientation to Psychosomatic Assessment - 1 Day

Psychosomatic Breakthrough!


Introduction and course overview of objective and goals

* The Evolution of Bodymind Medicine ... understanding our own bodymind.

* The Role of Psychosomatic Therapy ... the new paradigm.

* What is Psychosomatic Therapy and bodymind consciousness?

* Psychosomatic Principles ... the Three Keys to success!

“The Magic of Body Mind Communication”

 ‘Why am I in the Shape I am in?’ ... A few words of understanding

Our physical condition is the collective cellular memory of how we have weathered life’s experiences. The mental and emotional attitude that effects body functions, is obvious in the shape, structure and performance of our vehicle of life.

As we heal our inner world we heal the world outside.

HLTCOM404B Communicate effectively with clients is integrated in all units. 

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