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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

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PSCHO2A The Art of Reading Faces - 1 Day

Discover Your True Potential!


Change your world by learning to understand the unique characteristics of each person you meet so you interact with integrity, understanding and kindness.

Look into the eyes of the soul with the patience and kindness in you heart and watch them light up as you hear them say, 

“Accept me for who I am,

the way I accept myself, you and all life around me,

with innocence.”.... ( my ‘inner sense’)

* Communication is the key: Come face to face with facts!

* The Face is the Autobiography of life : Structure = Performance.

* How we face the world and project our profile!

* The three zones and left right separations display unique characteristics.

* Overall shape, size, balance, energy flow, designed by sacred geometry and genetics.

* Each energy center is represented in the face with their interaction and performance.

* A focussed recognition of these unique characteristics of the individual parts of the face, build a fascinating evaluation of the person.

* Focus and unwavering eye contact is the first step in Psychosomatic therapy.

* Systematic documentation and evaluation reports of your subject is the second step.

* Gentleness, kindness, close contact for complete attention is the therapeutic step.



From the moment of birth till the very end of life every human being yearns for worthiness, attention, safety and love from the heart. This is Psychosomatic Therapy!  

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