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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

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PSCHO3A Body Mind Analysis - 3 Days

Focus ~ Balance ~ Structure creates Performance!


The Centre Core energy (Psyche - Spirit) and the response of the outer sheath (body) is the core element in Psychosomatic Therapy. This is where major changes occur!


* Learn simple techniques to let go of the past and learn to live in the present.

* Experience Self awareness, confidence and self image and self esteem.

* Restore posture and balance for enhanced performance.

* How does physiological structure determine health and fitness?

* Body mind analysis is a diagnostic tool for the study of the issues in the tissues in each chakra area or energy center in the bodymind.

* Study the degree of self awareness, the condition and function of the physical body.

* Identify and eliminate discomfort, stress and ‘dis-ease’ by recognising the quality and quantity of flesh and muscle tone that indicate the psychosomatic conditions and the source of its creation.

* Bone structure, the height, width and depth of the various areas all tell a story about the growth and maturity.


Create a healthy body that can fulfill the Soul’s purpose!


PSCHO3A The Joints, Feet and Limbs

“The Tree of Life!” The Head, Torso and Limbs


The Arms branch out and express the creativity from the heart.

The Legs support the carriage and pump the stream of life through the trunk.

The Joints are points of decision-making, they act and react as the mind directs.

The Feet connect the bodymind and Soul to the earth through the soles of the Soul.


* Did you know that your body is also represented in the feet. The healthy function of your metabolism is dependant on how walk, move and breathe?

* Are you aware that the skeletal structure provides the field of infinite possibilities.

* Realise that mental focus of the whole bodymind, its structure and performance is dependant on the balance and support of the limbs, their rhythm and coordination.


Discover the source of life that exists in the stem cells that carry the blueprint of your soul’s purpose in the marrow of your bones!

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