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Saturday, February 24, 2018

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PSCHO5A Emotional Anatomy – 2 Days

Identify and Release Psychosomatic Issues held in the Tissues!


Anatomical Structure is the basic archetype of thought and experience.

Emotional anatomy creates physiology.

Structure supports psychological function. External reactions get internalised. External human relationships express what is inside of us.

This becomes our behavior and attitude in life; habits run automatically!


* Study the four basic archetypes their structure, shape and their Psychosomatic issues.

* Use your psychosomatic training for treatment and clinical direction.

* Experience the results of how emotional trigger points at the origion and insertion of muscles, release the redundant tension of cellular memory.

* Open the door for energy to flow into new behaviour.

* Analyse and document the history of your client. Align yourself and your client.

* Fine tune your work to recognise the subtle messages of the body. Profound and empowering changes occur during and after a session of ‘Emotional Release Body Work’. The client’s level of self awareness and confidence changes before your eyes.

* Notice how the Neuro Linguistic Programming of old core belief patterns are released from the cellular memory held in the tissues and posture of the body.

* Experience the freedom to express your soul’s true potential and its life’s purpose.

Combine your understanding of Psychosomatic Therapy and Quantum Physics.









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