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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

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PSCHO6A Cert III Practicioner Training and procedures 2 Days

Recognising Psychosomatic Diseases!

Experience and practice ways to :-

* Create a comfortable and safe environment.

* Manage difficult or challenging reactions.

* Maintain your professional integrity at all times.

* Maintain the attitude of self esteem and personal dignity.

* Enhance verbal and body language communication.

* Identify with the issues your clients are presenting.

* Provide basic counselling in Psychosomatic terms.

* Study and interpretation of Psychosomatic related diseases.

* Training and performance of two in-depth analysis and of the complete head, torso and limbs with an evaluation report and recommendations for further treatment.

Utilise the most basic steps to restore your natural behaviour and attitudes as a way of life using Posture Integration, Emotional Release, Breathing Patterns, Physical Fitness, Healing Psychosomatic Diseases.

Practical experience : Completion of Log Book hours for Certification

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