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Saturday, February 24, 2018

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By doing the Psychosomatic Therapy course it opened up a new world to me.
This course offers invaluable insights into the body, mind and spirit. It explains how your thoughts, energy, and emotions affect your mental and body health.

Marie Chandler is a professional teacher who involves the students through different teaching approaches. She broadens the horizon by making aware of thinking patterns, giving interesting inputs and showing other perspectives. Due to her English humor there is always time for a good laugh.

Through the ten days I got to know myself, my potential, my patterns and my body better. I can highly recommend this course; it will transform every area of your life!
          Sandra Jans
          December 2012

For me, Psychosomatic Therapy is about understanding how my inherited structure and my habitual behaviours and thinking patterns have created my body and the how this same process has created the bodies of everyone I meet. Face and Body Reading has allowed me to better understand my own weakness and strengths and start to create balance in my life.

Marie is a gifted and playful facilitator who has combined her mastery of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Psychosomatic Therapy to create a very enjoyable experiential course. Students are provided with opportunities for personal growth in a very caring and supportive environment. The open, non-judgmental atmosphere allows the individual the freedom to select what resonates with them. I have repeated the course a couple of times (with no additional fee) because I am so excited to learn about my body and am constantly discovering new insights and physical ways of being a better me.

This course is also very valuable as it assists me to interact more authentically with others, it allows me to understand where a person is coming from and how best to get rapport, be it for: working with a client, selling, business meetings or intimate relationships. I feel the skills and insights this course develops are as important for life as the "3 R's"; and highly recommend Marie Chandler's course to everyone and anyone. I wish I had had these skills from a teenager!
          Robyn Dorey
          40 years experience as a secondary art teacher and now involved in Art Therapy
          December 2012

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